• “Your team is amazing in their communication, attention to detail, and providing excellent customer service to Sabre's employees and their families for their packing, shipping, and storage needs. Moving to and from an assignment can be terribly stressful for all parties involved, but you and your team really go above and beyond the normal expectations to relieve that stress from the employees and their families.”

    - Lynn W., Principal Global Assignment Services, Sabre Holdings
  • “I would like to thank you for your help and assistance with this relocation. I am happy to say that this has been by far, the smoothest relocation I have ever had. I am not kidding. From day one, everything has been taken care of extremely well. The delivery went well. Apparently, nothing has suffered or has been damaged. Thank you again for your great work. It has been a real pleasure to be assisted by you and Arpin!”

    - Francesca G.

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“John H. Chafee Conservation Leadership” 2011 Arpin Group was honored with this award for its efforts to improve the health of the state’s environment. The award highlights the outstanding efforts Arpin has played to promote community sustainability through its green initiatives and conservation of our natural resources.


  • “Next Practices Leadership” 2012 For demonstrating the ability to look beyond the way things have always been done to continuously improve, refine, and rethink the means by which the company meets its workforce mobility objectives.
  • “Partner of the Year” 2012, 2010 This award is based upon an objective scorecard rating applied to each of Weichert’s suppliers. Suppliers are graded on quality scores, claims, self-haul capabilities, on time pickup and delivery, and invoicing accuracy.
  • “International Move Coordinator of the Year” 2012, 2010
  • “Raving Fan” 2010
  • “Domestic Move Coordinator of the Year” 2010
  • “Balanced Scorecard Supplier Network Champion” 2010


  • “Commitment to Excellence Gold” 2012, 2011, 2010 Presented to Arpin International Group for providing superior quality international moving services to its global clientele.
  • “Commitment to Excellence Gold” 2011, 2010 This award presented to Arpin Van Lines recognizes a supplier’s measurable commitment to excellence and Top Block service scores based on multiple network specific criteria.
  • “Supplier Quality Innovation Silver” 2011 Presented to Arpin Group for implementing a new, web based video training series which establishes and articulates company policy regarding approved techniques and best practices designed to promote continuous improvement.
  • “Voice of the Customer” 2010 Presented to Arpin International Group on behalf of Cartus’ clients General Electric and Raytheon. This award recognizes international and U.S. domestic moving and destination services’ providers who consistently demonstrate the highest performance to client-specific transferring employees. Both GE and Raytheon selected Arpin as one of its top three suppliers.


  • “International Vendor of the Year” 2013
  • Outstanding Service by an Individual” 2013, 2012 Presented to an Arpin International Group employee.
  • “Outstanding Service by an Individual” 2013, 2012 Presented to a CSS employee, Teresa Denholm.
  • “The James Carroll Alabama Math Award” 2012 Presented to Teresa Denholm, an employee of Creative Storage Solutions (CSS). The award is given to the person that has assisted the BP International Mobility team improve efficiency and save money.
  • “BP Regional/Local Vendor” 2010 Presented to CSS for continuously providing BP with the highest level of service and commitment to its highest quality standards.
  • “Outstanding Service by an Individual” 2010 Teresa Denholm, a CSS employee, was recognized for saving BP thousands of dollars in storage costs.


  • “World of Quality-Supplier Excellence” 2013, 2012 Presented to Arpin International Group for consistently delivering exceptional service levels.
  • “World of Quality-Commitment to Partnership” 2010 Presented to Arpin International Group for performance excellence in global mobility.



  • Arpin International Group was ranked in the top three of the nation’s largest international freight forwarders as determined by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). For the period 11.01.13 - 10.31.14, Arpin International Group received a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) score of 101.34.

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