• “I would like to thank you for your help and assistance with this relocation. I am happy to say that this has been by far, the smoothest relocation I have ever had. I am not kidding. From day one, everything has been taken care of extremely well. The delivery went well. Apparently, nothing has suffered or has been damaged. Thank you again for your great work. It has been a real pleasure to be assisted by you and Arpin!”

    - Francesca G.
  • “Your team is amazing in their communication, attention to detail, and providing excellent customer service to Sabre's employees and their families for their packing, shipping, and storage needs. Moving to and from an assignment can be terribly stressful for all parties involved, but you and your team really go above and beyond the normal expectations to relieve that stress from the employees and their families.”

    - Lynn W., Principal Global Assignment Services, Sabre Holdings

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Company History

Founded in 1900, Arpin Group, Inc. is the holding company for Arpin Van Lines, Arpin International Group, Arpin Broadcast Network, LLC., Creative Storage Solutions, and Arpin Renewable Energy, LLC. Headquartered in Rhode Island, Arpin is a leader in the household goods moving industry with over 385 domestic U.S. agents and Strategic Service Centers located throughout the world.

With a reputation for providing excellent service and a unique focus on preserving the environment, Arpin Group is the only U.S.-based, family-owned and operated moving and storage company that has remained dominant and successful for more than a century.


  • 1900 – Paul Arpin & Sons is formed in Providence, RI, by Paul X. Arpin Prior to that, Paul had been delivering coal and ice in the city of Providence for about five years. His family had come from Drummondville, Quebec in the late 1880's.
  • 1941 – Paul's grandson, also named Paul, succeeded his grandfather as President of the company.
  • 1955 - Paul Arpin & Sons becomes an agent for North American Van Lines.
  • 1962 - Paul Arpin & Sons becomes a national van line and changes its name to Paul Arpin Van Lines.
  • 1979 - David Arpin, son of Paul Arpin, joined the company after finishing his college education and spending several years as a long distance driver for the company.
  • 1981- Peter Arpin joined the company after spending several years in broadcasting.
  • 1983 - Built and moved into its new world headquarters.
  • 1989 – Paul Arpin Van Lines establishes its international freight forwarding services. Arpin International Group is born.
  • 1990 – Paul Arpin Van Lines gains its first rating as #1 in overall customer satisfaction by the nation’s leading consumer information publication.
  • 1991 – David Arpin succeeded his father as President & CEO of Paul Arpin Van Lines.
  • 1993 – Arpin Moving Systems opens its doors to service the Canada-US cross-border moving services' market.
  • 1997 – Inc. Magazine/MCI Grand National Award winner for superior customer focus.
  • 1999 – Paul Arpin Van Lines, Inc. becomes the nation’s 7th largest household goods carrier.
  • 2000 – Paul Arpin Van Lines, Inc. celebrates its 100 year anniversary.
  • 2002 – Paul Arpin Van Lines becomes Arpin Van Lines, Inc.
  • 2004 – Arpin International Group opens its first international office in Kent, England.
  • 2005 – Creative Storage Solutions is created to service the global storage needs for multinational corporations.
  • 2006 – The Arpin companies merge under one holding group, Arpin Group, Inc. and the second international office is opened in Singapore.
  • 2007 – Arpin International Group continues its global expansion opening Strategic Service Centers in Toronto, Canada; Hong Kong, China; and Wiesbaden, Germany.
  • 2008 – Arpin Broadcast Network, LLC, launches the first web-based television network geared towards the moving industry; Arpin Group formally implements a company-wide initiative of “going green.”
  • 2009 – Arpin International Group opens a Strategic Service Center in Dublin, Ireland.
  • 2010 – Arpin International Group opens a Strategic Service Center in Shanghai, China.

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