• “I would like to thank you for your help and assistance with this relocation. I am happy to say that this has been by far, the smoothest relocation I have ever had. I am not kidding. From day one, everything has been taken care of extremely well. The delivery went well. Apparently, nothing has suffered or has been damaged. Thank you again for your great work. It has been a real pleasure to be assisted by you and Arpin!”

    - Francesca G.
  • “Your team is amazing in their communication, attention to detail, and providing excellent customer service to Sabre's employees and their families for their packing, shipping, and storage needs. Moving to and from an assignment can be terribly stressful for all parties involved, but you and your team really go above and beyond the normal expectations to relieve that stress from the employees and their families.”

    - Lynn W., Principal Global Assignment Services, Sabre Holdings

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Arpin Employees Bring Hope to the Homeless

Arpin employees from around the globe are offering a message of hope to those without a home this season. One of our clients, Plus Relocation, organizes a semi-annual community outreach event that delivers cards and care packages to local charities at the location where the Worldwide ERC Conference is held.

This October, the chosen organization is the Austin Street Center (http://www.austinstreet.org), a homeless shelter in Texas.

Each year, Plus Relocation rallies its friends and suppliers to pitch-in during the conferences in the spring and fall so it can assemble care packages including hygiene kits, socks and water – all things these homeless people need. Inside each care package, the volunteers place cards with messages of inspiration and hope. Plus has been supporting the homeless through this program for five years.

Bridget Ritchie, our executive director of global business development, has been Arpin’s liaison with Plus Relocation during this program and she has been receiving emails, pictures and care cards in the mail from Arpin offices in Singapore, Shanghai, London, Ireland, Boston and Rhode Island. All are participating in the charity program along with her.

“It’s an amazing experience having my family over and watching all of them, but especially my wonderful nieces and nephews, getting to work alongside their grandmother (my mom) and discuss the importance of the project and in what other ways we can help the homeless here in our own city,” says Bridget. “Each story I hear from the other Arpin offices ends with ‘it was a lot of fun,’ or ‘it was a nice reminder to write these messages of hope and inspiration – even for our own lives.’”

Bridget has heard many inspiring stories from each of the global offices - stories of how employees made cards as a project with their children at home, with their coworkers or by bringing their children and their friends into the office. 

With the help of Arpin and its other suppliers, Plus Relocation successfully touched the lives of 12,500 homeless youth in San Diego this spring. The company hopes to keep the momentum going by reaching another 12,500 individuals in Texas, for a total of 25,000 this year.

“Seeing this effort and hearing these stories truly makes me proud to work with such great people and proud to represent us in the industry,” says Bridget. “I’m personally overwhelmed by the support for this wonderful cause and the involvement of my colleagues and their families.”

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