• “This was my first major move and I was not as prepared as I should have been, but your guys were so helpful and understanding. They were so efficient and amazing. They worked quickly, and truthfully, it was a pleasure having them. From the moment they walked in, I felt comfortable and knew I was in good hands. You run an unbelievable business.”

    - Danielle S., Yahoo!
  • “Your team is amazing in their communication, attention to detail, and providing excellent customer service to Sabre's employees and their families for their packing, shipping, and storage needs. Moving to and from an assignment can be terribly stressful for all parties involved, but you and your team really go above and beyond the normal expectations to relieve that stress from the employees and their families.”

    - Lynn W., Principal Global Assignment Services, Sabre Holdings

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Arpin Renewable Energy and eNow Form Partnership to Provide Solar-Powered Systems for Moving Trucks

Arpin Renewable Energy has joined with eNow, a Rhode Island-based company which supplies energy solutions to the transportation industry, to provide Arpin Van Lines agents and owner-operators access to cleaner running moving trucks.

eNow’s solar panel systems, which are retrofitted onto a company’s existing trucks, use the latest in technology to capture and convert the sun’s energy into usable power to reduce vehicle operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

“We believe strongly in the work that eNow is doing to make industrial transportation greener,” said Peter Arpin, president of Arpin Renewable Energy and partner of Arpin Group. “Arpin Van Lines has been testing these systems on its moving trucks for the past two years and we have witnessed significant cost savings. We want our agents across the country to be among the first adopters of this technology and become a model for other transportation industries to follow.”

“There are over 15 million medium and heavy duty trucks on the road and over 650,000 trucking companies in the U.S.,” said Jeff Flath, founder and CEO of eNow. “Growing regulations on idling time as well as fluctuations in fuel costs are encouraging transportation companies to seek alternative means of saving money. We are thrilled to be partnering with Arpin Renewable Energy to make our solar power technology accessible to all transportation industries.”

Through eNow's specially designed rooftop panels, most of the truck’s accessories are able to run solely on solar power. The photovoltaic cells capture energy through the panels and then store it in batteries in order to distribute it to features in the truck. The panels greatly cut-down on emissions since truckers normally idle their vehicles overnight in order to run their in-cab entertainment and HVAC systems. However, through eNow's panel system, drivers are able to shut down their truck engines and instead run the systems with the batteries. Other applications include powering lift-gates, refrigeration units and safety lighting.

eNow is offering several financing options to minimize the financial risk for companies which are exploring the cost savings of solar technology. Visit enowenergy.com for more information.

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