Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Mission and Values guide our corporate culture and social responsibility. Arpin Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries follows a “4Focus” system to maintain the balance between the corporate and social needs. These “4Focus” areas are:

1. Innovative Solutions
2. Ethics and Behavior
3. Environmental Health and Safety
4. Community Service

These are some policies that supports the “4Focus CSR” program that ties our CSR values with the 2009 revised Performance Review training (Behavior Competency Model)

Accountability: Takes collective responsibility for CSR. Proactively plans and seeks out appropriate CSR projects to support company and/or global CSR values

Integrity: Has courage to stand-up for issues, the disenfranchised, global initiatives, even if they are not popular. Consistently and outwardly supports the mission and values of the company as they extend to greater C.S.R.

Leadership in Excellence: Demonstrates creative thinking and follow through with ideas that support CSR mission/values; acts as a visionary; takes risks with innovative ideas and embraces thoughtful change.

Leadership of Mission: Exemplifies a balanced list of business, personal, and socially responsible commitments in all areas of life; serves as an ambassador for the company within the community.

Learning and training initiatives: Leadership Values and Mission training tied to Performance Management System

Ethics: Ethical standards and practices developed and implemented in dealings with all company stakeholders. Commitment to ethical behavior is widely communicated in an explicit statement and is rigorously upheld.

Employment Practices: HR management practices promote personal and professional employee development, diversity at all levels and empowerment. Employees are valued partners, with the right to fair labor practices, competitive wages and benefits and a safe harassment-free, family friendly work environment.

Community Involvement: The Company fosters an open relationship that is sensitive to community culture, needs, and plays a proactive, cooperative and collaborative role to make the community a better place to live and conduct business.

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