Notable Events in 2017

Just like that, 2016 has come to a close. Did it fly by for everyone else like it did for us? How many times have you already written down the date so far this year and accidentally wrote “16” instead of “17”? You’re not alone! 2016 had some pretty cool events and we want to share with you what to look out for in 2017.

Here’s To 2016 – An Amazing Year

What a year 2016 was! From January to December, a lot of different things happened  involving Arpin. To name a few, we won an EPA Environmental Merit Award, ranked #1 in “Customer Satisfaction” according to Trippel Survey & Research's 22nd Annual Nationwide Relocating Employee Survey, and had an amazing turnout to help Wreaths Across America.

This Holiday Is One For the Record Books!

If you’re traveling this holiday season, you’ll have something in common with 103 million other Americans! AAA reports that 2016 will have the highest holiday travel on record, with 1.5% (roughly 1.5 million) more people traveling this year.

A Time To Give

With the holidays fast approaching, there’s a lot on people’s minds such as, “Did I get all the presents?”  “What are we going to eat?”  “Did I forget to invite anyone?” If you’ve had any of these questions on your mind, know that you’re not alone!

Become An Expert Wrapper This Holiday Season

At Arpin, we may know a thing or two about boxes. We pack them, tape them up, and deliver them to homes every day. While we’re experts at delivering boxes, you might want to learn how to become an expert with delivering presents to loved ones this holiday season. It’s all about presentation and with that comes the challenge of wrapping.

Biggest Holiday Season To Date?

While most Americans are running around supermarkets trying to prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving, people already have their sights on the events that follow: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Arpin Employees Continue To Help The Community

When the Arpin Charitable Fund, also known as Arpin Strong, was established in 2013, the goal was to always help those in need however possible. Since that time, Arpin Strong has donated to countless charities and Arpin employees have attended many community service events. That initial goal is a continued mission here at Arpin.

Happy Veterans Day!

Today, November 11, 2016, is the day where we honor all those that have served in our United States Armed Forces. All of us here at Arpin would like to thank each and every single one of our veterans for the time they served protecting our great country.

The Change Of Clothing – Summer To Fall

While lately it feels like the spring or summertime in the Northeast, the reality is that it’s indeed the fall season. Just take a quick glance outside and you’ll notice the beautiful, multi-colored leaves on the trees. It also seems that everything edible now comes in a pumpkin-spice flavor.

Arpin Takes Home Multiple Awards For Leadership, Values, and Performance

We were honored to receive the Global Citizenship Award at Cartus Corporation’s 2016 Global Network Conference, held October 3-4 in Washington, DC. This award was given for Arpin’s outstanding contributions to the health, welfare, and safety of others, and for improvements in our community’s quality of life on a national and international level.

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