Arpin Group Among Healthiest Employers In Rhode Island

The Providence Business News honored Arpin Group for being among the healthiest employers in Rhode Island. Arpin’s employees have been getting healthier every year since the company began implementing a series of wellness initiatives.

AMSA Testifies Before Senate About Rogue Movers

The American Moving and Storage Association testified before a senate committee on the issue of rogue movers last month. Members of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee raised serious concerns about Internet-based moving brokers, which are not forthright with consumers about their true role as middlemen.

The First Annual “Moving With Arpin” Contest

Arpin Van Lines is proud to announce the start of a new contest, “Moving With Arpin!” The contest is open to any undergraduate student attending a college or university in the state of Rhode Island. The concept of the contest is to have students create a promotional video about Arpin’s services in the most creative way possible.

It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

This week, from September 16-22, is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! Arpin would like to express a huge “thank you” to all of its drivers for everything they do. We know it’s not an easy job, yet our drivers’ performance and dedication to customer service is second to none. David Vieira, Arpin Group’s Senior Vice President of Operations, expressed the following sentiments.

Bar Will Be Raised In 2014 For The Moving Industry

According to Reuters, the government is planning a new crack down on rogue movers, a problem which has plagued the moving industry for years. Rogue movers are companies that operate outside of ethical standards by piling on charges, missing deadlines, breaking things and holding goods hostage.

Trucker Jobs Go Unfilled

A worsening shortage of truck drivers is a critical problem that is impacting many aspects for businesses that rely on road transportation. USA Today reports freight rates are climbing and deliveries are often delayed as firms struggle to find enough drivers to replace their retirees.

Arpin Group Helps Two Teenagers With Charity Effort

Arpin Group recently teamed up with the Rhode  Island retail chain, Ocean State Job Lot, to help two local teenagers carry out their effort to transport 20 boxes of donated soccer equipment to children in Haiti.

AMSA Releases Their Industry Trends Report

Household goods shipment volume saw a slight  increase in 2011, according to the recently released American Moving & Storage Association’s Industry Trends report. Total household goods traffic was up 1% from 2010, which is less than the increase of 5% the previous year, but it reflects a   continuation of the upward growth. Corporate shipments continue to lead the way, up 6.6% over 2010.

Arpin UK Chats About The Olympics

The Olympics. It’s all the world has been watching for the past few weeks. While the games are entertaining, it’s also amazing to note how dedicated the hosting country is in making sure everyone is safe and has a great time. It was also cool to have our Arpin UK office in the thick of the action!

We talked with Natalie Chapman, Business Development, from Arpin International (UK) Ltd. and asked her a few questions about what it was like to have the Olympics take place right in her backyard!

Buying or Renting?

When it comes to finding a new home, the big question has always been, “Should I buy a permanent location or rent temporarily?” Well, it all comes down to how long you plan on staying in a certain area and the following information just might surprise you!

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