Back to School

At the start of September, vacation towns are suddenly vacant and the air becomes slightly chilled. All is quiet… beaches seem ghostlier, and screams and shouts can be heard instead from the playground. School is back in session! Transitioning from summer mode to a new semester is never easy; but finally, the kids are back in their usual routine. But what happens when disruption occurs again, and this time, during the middle of the education calendar?

Arpin Group VP Mark Dearborn joins Marguerite’s Place board of directors

Mark Dearborn, vice president of global accounts for Arpin Group and president of Arpin Strong, has joined the Marguerite’s Place board of directors.

Tropical Storm Gordon Forcing Port Closures in New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL, USA

Severe tropical storm weather conditions have resulted in the closure of ports in New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL, USA at 12:00 p.m. today in advance of the arrival of tropical storm Gordon. The storm is expected to strengthen to a Category 1 Hurricane by the time it makes landfall this evening. 

Labor Day Celebration

When Labor Day comes to mind, many correlate it with being an “end.” It is the final weekend that promises hot beach weather. It could be the last time the grill will be turned on to cook dinner outside. It even is a marker for a change in wardrobe, as some consider wearing white after Labor Day “faux pas.” Despite this, rather than viewing Labor Day as a bleak finale to the fun that was had this summer, it’s a time that should be spent savoring the final rays of sunshine… and of course, celebrating American workers!

Employee Moves

A physical change in location can mean business growth for a company. Moving to a larger city can lead to more publicity, better connections, and overall success! However, employees must fill these new offices, and getting them there involves a much different transition for them than for the computers and desks they’ll be sitting at. 

At 5th anniversary, Arpin Strong looks back on the causes it has helped

Arpin Strong is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a look back on the causes it has supported since 2013.

“Arpin Strong has had an amazing five years, raising well over $315,000 for charity and donating to about 150 causes,” said Michael Killoran, treasurer of Arpin Strong. “These numbers, while impressive, only tell a piece of the story. We want to use the special occasion of our fifth anniversary to revisit some of the causes we’ve touched.”

Thriftiness: the Oldest or Newest Fad?

How satisfying is it to find the perfect secondhand item that is a fraction of the price? Whether that is discovering a pair of shoes in your size that were never worn by their previous owner (basically new!) or an antique tea cup for your collection (vintage is so in) a sense of excitement occurs when one visits a secondhand store.

A Sustainable Summer

Summer is a time to embrace a carefree attitude, which is especially great if you are enjoying a well-deserved break from the demands of your typical routine. August is an excellent month to host summer barbeques and take day trips to the beach, to name just a few popular leisure time activities. It’s a lot to plan, and we encourage you to pause along the way to be mindful of how to live sustainably this season.

Arpin Group employees earn Certified Relocation Professional designation

Two Arpin Group employees have passed the Worldwide ERC Certified Relocation Professional examination: Jean Gong, director of business development, West Coast, and Allison Rathbun Dickson, assistant vice president, business development. Gong and Rathbun Dickson will now be recognized as Certified Relocation Professionals.

2018 survey ranks Arpin Van Lines #1 household goods mover in satisfaction

Arpin Van Lines has been rated #1 among the nation’s largest suppliers of household goods shipment services, ranked by “net satisfaction” and “top-block service.” That is according to independent research firm Trippel Survey & Research, LLC©’s 24th Annual Nationwide Relocating Employee Survey©, released this month. In February, Arpin Van Lines was ranked first in supplier satisfaction by a separate Trippel survey.

Drive For Arpin

Growing up, a great way to pass time during a road trip was to count the number of trucks passing by. This game worked for your parents in order to distract you when you were five; but today, that technique proves to be short-lived with your own kids. Where are all the truck drivers who drove the big trucks? Where did they all go?

Arpin Storage Solutions

What happens when you relocate to a new home, and there isn't a basement for storage? For a moment, you feel pressured to let go of family heirlooms since there won't be enough space for them. Or, it's finally within your budget to install central air–but doing so will eliminate the room in your attic, where seasonal decorations and winter sweaters are kept. Where will they all go?

Driver Shortages: How The Looming Capacity Crunch Will Transform The Moving Industry

The trucking industry has a problem – truck drivers are aging and there are fewer young people replacing them as they retire.

Yet, as the economy grows, so do the number of people who move for new jobs, work assignments, school and other opportunities. This increase in demand combines with the decline in available drivers into a perfect storm for the moving industry, exacerbated by soaring transportation costs and new electronic logging devicesthat more strictly limit driving time. This has forced moving companies to start thinking outside the box to come up with new ways to meet increasing customer demand.

In this white paper, we examine the scope of this growing industry capacity problem, discuss its causes and show how Arpin Van Lines is rising to meet this challenge with an innovative new approach that will transform the moving industry.

Planning a Successful Yard Sale

Racks of clothing, stacks of books, and a vintage dressing table; this hodgepodge of items are lined up in a driveway, with people of all ages milling about. An antique rocking horse, tarnished silverware, and—could it be? The same Pyrex set that Mom used to have! Neon signs baring the block-lettered words “yard sale” in magic marker point to this mountain of curiosities, and for some, it’s treasure.

Fifth Annual Arpin Strong Golf Tournament raises $27,000 for charity, $130,000 over past 5 years

The Arpin Charitable Fund announced today that its Fifth Annual Arpin Strong Golf Tournament, held at the New England Country Club in Bellingham, Massachusetts, has successfully raised $27,479 for charity.

An American Company

Sparklers fizzled, fireworks soared, and steaks were flame-broiled. Fourth of July festivities were held this past week, and what better way to enjoy the country in which we live than by celebrating it with those we love? However, between hitting the beach and viewing the local parade, reflecting on what it means to be an American may have been forgotten during all of the fun being had. There are a variety of characteristics that define “American,” and one of them is entrepreneurship.

Wreaths Across America: A Year-Round Accountability

It’s almost July—the peak of the summer season here at Arpin! Before Americans heat up the grill and toss some burgers on for Fourth of July celebrations next week, we’d like to take a moment to pause and reflect on patriotism.

Arpin promotes Jerry Munoz to director of procurement & agency settlements

Arpin Group announced today that Jerry Munoz has been promoted to director of procurement and agency settlements. Munoz will continue to serve in his present role as regulatory compliance manager and will take on the additional responsibilities of managing Arpin Van Lines’ agent commissions settlement process as well as overseeing Arpin’s credit and collections, cash receipts and procurement functions. 

Moving Your Plants

May through September includes the best months to exercise your green thumb, as this time of year boasts some of the nicest weather for indoor and outdoor plants. From tall tomato plants to tiny succulents, nearly everything thrives. However, it also coincides with the busiest season within the moving industry, and plants are not the easiest of belongings to transport.

Arpin’s (Refrigerator) Doors Are Always Open

A trickle of sweat crisscrosses its way down his forehead, and rests on his upper lip. He can taste the saltiness of it, and his mind wanders to imaginings of cool water. Reaching behind him, he pauses to unstick the shirt from his back. Above, the sun beats down at high noon, and the temperature continues to escalate past a sizzling 100 degrees. Despite feeling lightheaded, he pushes onward. With an empty stomach, the laborer feels compelled to continue without a break for food or drink, so as to honor the beliefs engrained in him from birth.

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