A Sustainable Summer

Summer is a time to embrace a carefree attitude, which is especially great if you are enjoying a well-deserved break from the demands of your typical routine. August is an excellent month to host summer barbeques and take day trips to the beach, to name just a few popular leisure time activities. It’s a lot to plan, and we encourage you to pause along the way to be mindful of how to live sustainably this season.

Arpin Storage Solutions

What happens when you relocate to a new home, and there isn't a basement for storage? For a moment, you feel pressured to let go of family heirlooms since there won't be enough space for them. Or, it's finally within your budget to install central air–but doing so will eliminate the room in your attic, where seasonal decorations and winter sweaters are kept. Where will they all go?

Planning a Successful Yard Sale

Racks of clothing, stacks of books, and a vintage dressing table; this hodgepodge of items are lined up in a driveway, with people of all ages milling about. An antique rocking horse, tarnished silverware, and—could it be? The same Pyrex set that Mom used to have! Neon signs baring the block-lettered words “yard sale” in magic marker point to this mountain of curiosities, and for some, it’s treasure.

An American Company

Sparklers fizzled, fireworks soared, and steaks were flame-broiled. Fourth of July festivities were held this past week, and what better way to enjoy the country in which we live than by celebrating it with those we love? However, between hitting the beach and viewing the local parade, reflecting on what it means to be an American may have been forgotten during all of the fun being had. There are a variety of characteristics that define “American,” and one of them is entrepreneurship.

Wreaths Across America: A Year-Round Accountability

It’s almost July—the peak of the summer season here at Arpin! Before Americans heat up the grill and toss some burgers on for Fourth of July celebrations next week, we’d like to take a moment to pause and reflect on patriotism.

Moving Your Plants

May through September includes the best months to exercise your green thumb, as this time of year boasts some of the nicest weather for indoor and outdoor plants. From tall tomato plants to tiny succulents, nearly everything thrives. However, it also coincides with the busiest season within the moving industry, and plants are not the easiest of belongings to transport.

Arpin’s (Refrigerator) Doors Are Always Open

A trickle of sweat crisscrosses its way down his forehead, and rests on his upper lip. He can taste the saltiness of it, and his mind wanders to imaginings of cool water. Reaching behind him, he pauses to unstick the shirt from his back. Above, the sun beats down at high noon, and the temperature continues to escalate past a sizzling 100 degrees. Despite feeling lightheaded, he pushes onward. With an empty stomach, the laborer feels compelled to continue without a break for food or drink, so as to honor the beliefs engrained in him from birth.

World Oceans Day

It covers 70 percent of the planet, and we've explored only about five percent of its depths. The ocean is truly massive; however, somehow we have managed to damage it regularly with oil spills and the development of a garbage patch twice the size of Texas. About 100 billion pounds of food to eat is supplied by the ocean, and it produced more than half of the oxygen that we breathe annually. The question is, for how much longer wll this last if we as humand don't change our bad habits? 

Busy Summer Moving

Finally, you found the perfect new place to live, and the timing is perfect. It’s the beginning of summer, and the beach is calling your name! However, before you’re able to settle into a new seaside town, you have to conquer getting there first by moving. Although the summer is one of the busiest times of the year to move, there are plenty of perks to moving during the warmest months.

How to De-Clutter Before a Move

One of the most challenging obstacles that people face while preparing for a move is determining what belongings should stay or go. It’s natural to have sentimental connections with possessions, but in the long run, the benefits of letting go can outweigh the feelings of security that certain items provide. Not only does donating, selling, or throwing away things decrease the physical cost of a move; theoretically, doing so can provide a clearer outlook on life.

Arpin Gears Up for Annual Golf Tournament

Arpin Strong, our nonprofit philanthropic organization, started back in 2013 to help those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombings. Since then, Arpin Strong has raised money for numerous other causes including relief from natural disasters, cancer research, and groups within local communities just to name a few.

2018’s Top Housing Markets

Ready for a change of scenery (and feeling financially stable, too?) Then the hottest housing market locations within the U.S. should spark your interest!

Preparing a Home for Sale

Congratulations, you are upgrading to a different home! Before you begin packing, moving, and eventually settling into your new space, cutting ties with your old home must be accomplished.

Making Every Day Earth Day

We all started this week off by recognizing and celebrating Earth Day. Across the country and around the globe, fundraisers ranging from bake sales to 5k races were held to benefit clean water initiatives and climate change awareness. Communities hosted beach cleanups, or took part in planting new trees within their neighborhoods and public parks. 

But if Earth Day was almost a week ago, then why bring it up now? 

Moving On a Budget

A homeowner just put money down on a house, and a renter just submitted their first month's rent and security deposit. What do a homeowner and a renter have in common?

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is surely a chore, but if approached with a positive attitude, the time spent clearing out closets or freshening up laundry can be positively rewarding. 

April Showers Bring… Flooding

Are you familiar with the rhyme, “April showers bring May flowers…?” Typically, it’s a phrase used to bring well wishes to others as the weather begins to warm up. However, for many homeowners there is an alternate ending: April showers can bring flooding.

Wakeup Call from Hibernation

Although spring hasn’t exactly sprung in the northeast with the recent snowstorms this March, other cities can begin preparing to dewinterize their homes (and New Englanders can at least start thinking about it). 

Arpin Strong Raises Over $79,000, Donates to 34 Charities in 2017

The Arpin Charitable Fund, also known as Arpin Strong, announced in its 2017 year-end report that it has raised over $79,000 and donated to 34 charitable organizations. 

U.S. Housing Market at a Halt

Do you remember committing to your first home? You may recall feelings of exuberance, like you would on a carnival ride. Since then, however, the housing market rollercoaster has evolved and is currently experiencing a plateau and gradual decline. Why is that, with an economy that is currently thriving and the millennial generation “adulting” at long last?

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