Wreaths Across America: A Year-Round Accountability

It’s almost July—the peak of the summer season here at Arpin! Before Americans heat up the grill and toss some burgers on for Fourth of July celebrations next week, we’d like to take a moment to pause and reflect on patriotism.

Arpin promotes Jerry Munoz to director of procurement & agency settlements

Arpin Group announced today that Jerry Munoz has been promoted to director of procurement and agency settlements. Munoz will continue to serve in his present role as regulatory compliance manager and will take on the additional responsibilities of managing Arpin Van Lines’ agent commissions settlement process as well as overseeing Arpin’s credit and collections, cash receipts and procurement functions. 

Moving Your Plants

May through September includes the best months to exercise your green thumb, as this time of year boasts some of the nicest weather for indoor and outdoor plants. From tall tomato plants to tiny succulents, nearly everything thrives. However, it also coincides with the busiest season within the moving industry, and plants are not the easiest of belongings to transport.

Arpin’s (Refrigerator) Doors Are Always Open

A trickle of sweat crisscrosses its way down his forehead, and rests on his upper lip. He can taste the saltiness of it, and his mind wanders to imaginings of cool water. Reaching behind him, he pauses to unstick the shirt from his back. Above, the sun beats down at high noon, and the temperature continues to escalate past a sizzling 100 degrees. Despite feeling lightheaded, he pushes onward. With an empty stomach, the laborer feels compelled to continue without a break for food or drink, so as to honor the beliefs engrained in him from birth.

Arpin International Group donates food and hygiene packs to Ramadan Sharing Fridges

Arpin International Group – Middle East and DASA International Movers joined forces to support the Ramadan Sharing Fridges initiative yesterday at the Octane Car Service Centre in Al Quoz, Dubai. Volunteers from the two companies donated 500 food packs and 200 hygiene packs and helped hand them out to the laborers in the area who queue up every day during Ramadan to receive meals to break their religious fast.

World Oceans Day

It covers 70 percent of the planet, and we've explored only about five percent of its depths. The ocean is truly massive; however, somehow we have managed to damage it regularly with oil spills and the development of a garbage patch twice the size of Texas. About 100 billion pounds of food to eat is supplied by the ocean, and it produced more than half of the oxygen that we breathe annually. The question is, for how much longer wll this last if we as humand don't change our bad habits? 

Arpin agent supports traveling education exhibit to teach history of WAA

Wreaths Across America, the national nonprofit best known for the annual wreath-laying ceremonies that take place at Arlington National Cemetery and more than 1,400 veteran cemeteries across the country each December, has a simple mission: Remember, Honor and Teach. Don Queeney, owner of Virginia-based Hampton Roads Moving and Storage, an agent of Arpin Van Lines, is helping to put this mission into practice.

Busy Summer Moving

Finally, you found the perfect new place to live, and the timing is perfect. It’s the beginning of summer, and the beach is calling your name! However, before you’re able to settle into a new seaside town, you have to conquer getting there first by moving. Although the summer is one of the busiest times of the year to move, there are plenty of perks to moving during the warmest months.

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