2018 survey ranks Arpin Van Lines #1 household goods mover in satisfaction

Arpin Van Lines has been rated #1 among the nation’s largest suppliers of household goods shipment services, ranked by “net satisfaction” and “top-block service.” That is according to independent research firm Trippel Survey & Research, LLC©’s 24th Annual Nationwide Relocating Employee Survey©, released this month. In February, Arpin Van Lines was ranked first in supplier satisfaction by a separate Trippel survey.

Drive For Arpin

Growing up, a great way to pass time during a road trip was to count the number of trucks passing by. This game worked for your parents in order to distract you when you were five; but today, that technique proves to be short-lived with your own kids. Where are all the truck drivers who drove the big trucks? Where did they all go?

Arpin Storage Solutions

What happens when you relocate to a new home, and there isn't a basement for storage? For a moment, you feel pressured to let go of family heirlooms since there won't be enough space for them. Or, it's finally within your budget to install central air–but doing so will eliminate the room in your attic, where seasonal decorations and winter sweaters are kept. Where will they all go?

Driver Shortages: How The Looming Capacity Crunch Will Transform The Moving Industry

The trucking industry has a problem – truck drivers are aging and there are fewer young people replacing them as they retire.

Yet, as the economy grows, so do the number of people who move for new jobs, work assignments, school and other opportunities. This increase in demand combines with the decline in available drivers into a perfect storm for the moving industry, exacerbated by soaring transportation costs and new electronic logging devicesthat more strictly limit driving time. This has forced moving companies to start thinking outside the box to come up with new ways to meet increasing customer demand.

In this white paper, we examine the scope of this growing industry capacity problem, discuss its causes and show how Arpin Van Lines is rising to meet this challenge with an innovative new approach that will transform the moving industry.

Planning a Successful Yard Sale

Racks of clothing, stacks of books, and a vintage dressing table; this hodgepodge of items are lined up in a driveway, with people of all ages milling about. An antique rocking horse, tarnished silverware, and—could it be? The same Pyrex set that Mom used to have! Neon signs baring the block-lettered words “yard sale” in magic marker point to this mountain of curiosities, and for some, it’s treasure.

Fifth Annual Arpin Strong Golf Tournament raises $27,000 for charity, $130,000 over past 5 years

The Arpin Charitable Fund announced today that its Fifth Annual Arpin Strong Golf Tournament, held at the New England Country Club in Bellingham, Massachusetts, has successfully raised $27,479 for charity.

An American Company

Sparklers fizzled, fireworks soared, and steaks were flame-broiled. Fourth of July festivities were held this past week, and what better way to enjoy the country in which we live than by celebrating it with those we love? However, between hitting the beach and viewing the local parade, reflecting on what it means to be an American may have been forgotten during all of the fun being had. There are a variety of characteristics that define “American,” and one of them is entrepreneurship.

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