ABC News Segment Tackles The Issue of Rogue Movers

It all started when the Rammell family went online to select their mover and came across Neighbors Moving & Storage, which happens to be a broker in Pompano Beach, FL. They were happy with what they saw and Neighbors was selected. What they didn’t know was that since Neighbors is a broker, the move would be handled by another company.

Their household goods ended up being hauled by Moving Express & Storage, a company in Passaic, New Jersey. When these movers informed the Rammells that their initial estimated weight calculated at 8,000 lbs. was doubled to 16,000 lbs., everything took a turn for the worse. The Rammells didn’t believe this new estimate (which was smart since the official weight turned out to be 10,120 lbs.) and refused to pay the extra charges, which led to Moving Express & Storage keeping the household goods in storage at their warehouse.

What followed was a sting operation led by ABC News after the Rammells explained their situation. You can view Part 1 and Part 2 to see how it all went down.

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