An American Company

Arpin Van Lines began as Paul Arpin & Sons, which was formed in Providence, RI, by Paul X. Arpin. Prior to that, Paul had been delivering coal and ice for about five years. His steadfastness and commitment to the job eventually led to the transition of the company to his son, also named Paul, and eventually his grandson, David, who is President and CEO of the company today.

Since then, Arpin Van Lines has expanded beyond its U.S. birthplace. It has undergone an evolution to become Arpin Group, a holding company that includes Arpin Van Lines, Arpin International Group, Creative Storage Solutions, and Arpin Renewable Energy, LLC. With locations in nine different countries, we are proud to have spread the Arpin name and established our values as a trustworthy American moving and storage company globally.

At Arpin, we are grateful for the privilege and opportunity that comes with living in this country. We honor our roots, recognize how far we have come, and focus on continuing the lineage of Arpin being an American and family-operated organization! The Fourth of July may come just once a year, but supporting domestic corporations across all industries is a lifestyle that can be followed by all Americans.