Arpin Begins Composting

The Arpin Sustainability Committee has started a new sustainable initiative at Arpin headquarters in the form of a compost station! Composting has been an idea brought up by employees in the past and the committee was able to see it through.

There are two areas at Arpin headquarters where composting is taking place: in the cafeteria and right next to the employee-run garden that was started last June. In the kitchen is a one-gallon compost bin, where employees are encouraged to contribute any food or vegetable scraps that they may have.

Once the bin is filled, it’s brought over to a compost tumbler stationed right next to the garden. The contents of the bin are placed in the tumbler, which is then spun several times to mix all of the combined contents together. It takes quite awhile for the compost to turn into its true form as a fertilizer, but once ready, it will be eventually used in the garden or donated to local areas that can use it.

The committee’s sustainable initiatives are in line with Arpin’s commitment to providing the same type of solutions to our customers with green moving benefits. We’re trying to be as green as we can wherever we can!

If your business would like to know more about starting up a sustainability committee, feel free to email ours at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) so we can guide you in the right direction!