Catering To Your Dog

A pet can be a very important part in a person’s life, especially if it’s a dog. For one, they seem to always be happy and make you feel like you’re the most important person in the room due to their unconditional love. Because of this, people want the best for their beloved pet(s) and many consider the lifestyle of their dog when purchasing a home. recently reported about this new trend and accredited the findings to SunTrust. According to SunTrust’s survey, “one-third of millennials who bought their first home said having a better space or yard for a dog was a major factor in their decision.” To put things in perspective, only 19% of those surveyed said their motivating factor was to make room for a baby!

While this is a major factor, it’s not the number one factor. 66% of millennials that were surveyed bought their first home for more living space, while 36% purchased a home to build equity.

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Did your dog or other pet play a factor in your decision while selecting a home? Tell us about it!