Defense Wins Championships (And Battles Against Hackers)

This past month, Arpin Group completed a cybersecurity penetration test to protect Arpin against any type of hacking activity. The test was administered by an independent firm called Digital Boundary Group, which specializes in making companies hacker-proof.

These tests are appropriately named “penetration tests,” as DBG actually attempts to break into Arpin’s systems by exploiting possible points of vulnerability. Basically, DBG deploys the same methods that a criminal would use. Since technology is always evolving, these tests will continue annually to protect Arpin against the latest possible threats.

All of this helps protect Arpin, but you may ask, “How does it help me?” As an Arpin customer, your personal information will also be protected. Every once in awhile, you’ll see in the news that a company has been hacked and sensitive information of their customers was accessed. By proactively testing and monitoring our IT systems, the risk of our customer’s personal information being accessed is minimized.

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