Employee Moves

A physical change in location can mean business growth for a company. Moving to a larger city can lead to more publicity, better connections, and overall success! However, employees must fill these new offices, and getting them there involves a much different transition for them than for the computers and desks they’ll be sitting at. 

Uprooting employees puts strain on individuals and relationships, especially if they have established a family in their original region. If children are involved, disruption in their education, socialization, and overall routine occurs. Depending on how far a company will relocate, an employee can even experience more drastic changes such as adjusting to different climates and cultures if the move is abroad. 

Entrepreneur.com suggests ways that employers can make the moving process a more positive experience for their employees in the article found here. It includes advice on:

·     Effective communication

·     How to offer guidance

·     Ways to compensate

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