PODS® Vs. ArpinPAC®

While we can agree that DIY is great, there are some things that only professionals should do for you. You wouldn’t attempt to do your own electrical work, would you? But yet, people do things on their own all the time that should really be done by the pros. Moving is one of those.

We like to do things on our own, it gives us a sense of control and we feel that by eliminating the “sales” aspect, we SAVE money. In the moving and storage realm, that comes in the form of self-pack / self-load containers such as PODs or UPack®. People use PODs for 3 major reasons: Convenience, Cost Savings, and Time Savings. Here are some general guidelines as to how ArpinPAC® compares.

ArpinPAC® (Planned Arrival Containerization) is Arpin’s innovated program designed to handle your relocation program’s small domestic and cross-border shipments more efficiently. It applies international moving standards to the domestic moving process, resulting in a more timely and streamlined move experience.

Convenience – We provide a full international style pack and wrap service with a professional crew. Your quoted cost includes labor, quality materials, loading, delivery, unpacking, and removal of debris at time of delivery. The packing and loading is completed in one day (in most cases), so there is no need to get a permit to park a POD on the street for multiple days and risk theft or towing.

Cost Savings Pricing is simplified and all-inclusive. There are no hidden charges to surprise you later. The first 14 days of storage-in-transit is completely free and there are no warehouse handling charges. There are also no expensive redelivery charges like traditional van line shipments that are placed in SIT. The planned arrival allows you to control per-diem and temporary living expenses that are often incurred with a standard van-line move with a delivery spread of up to two weeks.

Time Savings – Because our crew packs and loads the entire shipment, your employee is not required to do anything, which means they can focus on work or another DIY project from Pinterest. With ArpinPAC®, you plan the arrival of the shipment for when the employee will be at destination to accept the delivery. A shipment traveling 1500 miles can be available in as little as 3-8 days. That’s a big time saver.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to save time and money, DIY is not the only answer. We can help.