Thank You To Mothers Everywhere

Mothers also play a key role in the moving process. The process itself is the same across the board, but the variable when it comes to moving a family is the children. That’s where mothers come in. They’re there to comfort and explain everything that is going on.

As long as an infant’s basic needs are met, they’ll be affected the least by a move. Conversely, pre-school age children are affected the most as they rely on their parents and the family routine for security.  At this age,  they become  confused about why strangers are coming into their home to take everything away. However, a mother’s reassuring words and a big hug can make all the difference. Get them involved in the process.

Grade-school age children have a more highly developed sense of self. Mother’s can help make the idea of moving exciting by encouraging them to play moving using their toys as props.

When it comes to teens, mothers learn all too quickly that their social activities and friends normally overshadow the family as sources for identity. However, a mother also knows that deep-down inside, their teen is concerned about how they’ll fit into their new neighborhood and school. Will their peers dress the same? Will they listen to the same music? A mother can help to alleviate their teen’s fears by encouraging them to research the area and school on the Internet.     

So to all the mothers out there, thank you again for being so important to the wellbeing of your family. Hopefully, Sunday will be a day where you can sit back and relax; but, we all know it’s hard for a mother to take a day off!

Happy Mother’s Day from the Arpin family to yours!