The Change Of Clothing – Summer To Fall

While lately it feels like the spring or summertime in the Northeast, the reality is that it’s indeed the fall season. Just take a quick glance outside and you’ll notice the beautiful, multi-colored leaves on the trees. It also seems that everything edible now comes in a pumpkin-spice flavor.

Now that the seasons are changing, the same should apply for your clothes. The shorts are exchanged for jeans and short-sleeve shirts are traded in for sweaters. The big question now is – what do you do with your summer clothing?

We took a look at articles from Reader’s Digest and HGTV to provide you with some helpful, seasonal tips.

  • Clean your clothes before you start storing them
  • Choose a location that is cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight
  • Know if an article of clothing should be folded or hung up
  • Box clothing in lidded plastic storage containers, opposed to cardboard boxes, which are acidic and attract insects
  • If your clothing requires hanging, rolling garment racks are excellent for storage, due to being inexpensive and sturdy
  • If you use mothballs, be extremely careful, as the fumes are hazardous

For more detailed information, you can check out the articles here and here.