The Decision To Ban The Moving Of Hoverboards

Mark this as something we never thought we would be covering five years ago, “Due to numerous reports of hoverboards spontaneously erupting into flames, Arpin has decided to ban the inclusion of these devices in all household goods shipments.”

The concept of the hoverboard is pretty sweet. While it’s not actually hovering over the ground, it still gives the illusion that you’re floating in air while moving. As of now, it’s as close as you’re going to get to the board Marty McFly used in the second Back to the Future movie. However, that one didn’t include a motor and wheels—and we can imagine it also wouldn’t have burst into flames.

If you do own a hoverboard, please be careful. Between December of last year and February 2016, more than 50 hoverboard-related fires have been reported in the United States. While they look cool, it looks like the logistics haven’t been fully hashed out.

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