What’s National Moving Month Without Trivia?

National Moving Month is upon us once again and in the spirit of the occasion, we’ll be holding our annual trivia contest. However, this year the contest will take place over the course of one week, from May 16-20, 2016.

What could the questions be? Check out the ones from years’ past on our Facebook page to get a general idea.

In case you haven’t participated before, here are the rules:

  • From Monday to Friday at noon, a multiple-choice question will be asked on our Facebook page.
  • You have until the end of the day to submit one answer.
  • For everyone that is correct, one of those individuals will be selected at random to win a $10 Amazon.com gift card.

As always, the contest is open to the general public, owner-operators, and members of Arpin’s agency family and their employees. If you’re an Arpin corporate employee, feel free to participate, but you will be ineligible to win prizes.

Good luck to all and Happy National Moving Month!