Will Your Next Home Be In One of These Countries?

There are two types of people that will read this blog – those who know where in the world they’ll settle down, and those who are still trying to figure that out. If you’re part of the latter, maybe you grew up in the same state your entire life and you’re looking for a change. That change could be an even more drastic one if you’re looking to move not just to a different state, but also to a completely different country.

With moving to a different country in mind, you now have an incredible amount of possibilities. According to Forbes, InterNations recently surveyed 12,500 expats of varying nationalities to find out where they wound up, which could help you make your decision a bit easier.

Every country has unique characteristics that make it appealing, so check out what the expats were saying:

  • Best for Expats Overall – Bahrain
  • Best Quality of Life – Portugal
  • Easiest on Your Wallet – Vietnam
  • Best Place to Work Abroad – Czech Republic
  • Best for Families –Finland

To read more about why these countries were chosen, click here.

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