Jeanine A. Wilkes Barre, PA

Great Work, Excellent Service!
I recently went to Arpin Van Lines Inc to help with a move I was making, and was quite pleased with how quick and easy the services went from them. The people from Arpin were very friendly and professional, and were very great at moving everything into the truck. There were a few crystal items that were damaged in the move, but I packed them, and everything packed by the employees made it without any damages. Overall I think Arpin Van Lines were very helpful, I would definitely use their services again, and I highly recommend them.
Glen C. Chesapeake, VA

Satisfied customer
This was my first time using Arpin Van Lines Inc. They did everything for me when I had to move from Chesapeake, VA. They came in and packed out the house, loaded it all up, transported it all to the new location, and then unloaded everything at the new place. It was all great. I have no complaints whatsoever. They did a very good job. They have awesome customer service, and I definitely recommend them.
Pat C. Palm Bay, FL

Fabulous service.
My move from NH to Fl was as painless as possible. The driver was a total professional. Actual charges came in significantly less than estimate. An all around great experience.
Billy B. Roebuck, SC

Great group to work with.
Excellent service and care with items. Everyone was very friendly and made sure I was satisfied.
Samantha S. Tampa, FL

Job Well Done
It is hard to find anyone who actually does their job in today's market. Arpin Van Lines Inc. is one of the exceptions! I would recommend them because they do their job! They do it well. I am happy with their service and I would recommend them to others!
Cecily G. New York, NY

I'd use them again!
We had to move some stuff around and hired Arpin Van Lines Inc. for the job. They were on-time, quick, clean, courteous, and nice people. Arpin Van Lines Inc. made everything go smoothly.
Harry C. Chesapeake, VA

Great Move! Very professional!
Very courteous and hard working. Steve meyer was very helpful and went beyond what we expected
Gary & Theresa B. York, SC

Total experience
Steve Meyer and his crew did a great job,they were all very hard workers and respectful. It was a pleasure to work with all of them. I would recommend them to any one. I would also use them again.
Stephen T. Reston, VA

Another great transport..
After 10 years, it absolutely amazes me as to how easy Steven Meyer with Arpin Van Lines makes our moves seem, easy and stress free. No matter what we have, or how stressful it may seem to be, he always says “Leave the worrying to me.” He has always been on time, if not early.. Pays attention to detail, works efficiently and problem free. Whether, across the street, or across the country, Steven Meyer with Arpin Van Lines is who we call..
Debra B. Tulsa, OK

Very careful, and also very accommodating!
We used Arpin Van Lines Inc. for our interstate move. They showed up on time, and were very careful loading our possessions for us. The same was true for the delivery. I really appreciate the way Arpin Van Lines Inc. worked with us schedule-wise on the delivery. They were very accommodating! Moves are never easy, but that took a lot of stress off us.
Richard G. Lady Lake, FL

The whole move went smoothly as if it were scripted! I could not have asked for more.
We were recently moving from New Jersey down to Florida and called Arpin Van Lines Inc. We had spoken to numerous companies before deciding, but after speaking with Arpin, we knew that was the way to go. When the big day arrived the movers showed up right on time and did every single thing that they said they were going to do. The whole move went so smoothly, it is as if it were scripted. I could not have wished for anything to have gone better. I highly recommend them! The people at Arpin Van Lines Inc. were just wonderful to work with and very polite in setting it all up. I hope I never have to do a long distance move like that again, but boy if I did, they will be the first company I call.
Steve M. Plymouth, MA

What a great experience we had for a very long distance move.
Arpin Van Lines Inc. is so wonderful! What a great experience we had when they did a long distance move for us. It was our first time using them and glad we did. A husband and wife time came to our homes and packed everything throughout our entire home, boxed it, wrapped it, and loaded it onto the truck. I believe it was their brother who also came along and assisted them. They were such an awesome team working together. For driving such a very long distance everything arrived in pretty good condition. If ever we moved again we would definitely request using that team specifically. We highly recommend them for any type of move.
Lisa B. Aurora , OH

Very nice people!
We had a long distance move to make from Rhode Island to Ohio. Arpin Van Lines Inc. showed up on time, and they packed things carefully. Unfortunately, they forgot to pack my husband's engine for his project car. But we got it! They made a good move, and carefully unloaded the truck. They got to the destination in a reasonable time frame. They were very nice people, and they let the kids climb up into the truck's cab, which was fun for them. I was also impressed by the fact that they accidentally left an item on their truck, and when they discovered it, they came back from over a state away to return it to us. I really appreciated that!
Susan S. Peoria, IL

They did a good job!
Arpin Van Lines was recommended to me by a company in Peoria that has an excellent reputation for local moves. When I planned my move to the West Coast, they recommended Arpin Van Lines for the long distance trip. Arpin did an excellent job with my small load and I have recommended them to other people already! The only thing that detracted from a full five-star review was it seemed to take a long time for the movers to make the journey. I understand that not a lot of people move from Peoria all the way to the coast of Washington but a month was a long time to wait for some of my belongings! All in all, it was a satisfactory experience and they handled my things with care.
Best M. Weston, FL

Best in Weston Movers
Thanks for sharing this usefull article and I love it so much. God bless!
Froylan F. North Lauderdale, FL

Their service was very great!
I can recommend your service to other! Thanks to guys!
Beverly W. Phoenix, AZ

Well Pleased! Thank you!
I've worked with Arpin Van Lines Inc. at least three times, now, and definitely plan to continue using them, in the future. I'm a loyal customer, at this point, and I really couldn't be happier with their service. Their cost is a bit high, on occasion, but their service makes it worth it because they're very easy and efficient to work with and I haven't had any problems at all, over the years. Thank you, Arpin Van Lines Inc.!
Dave C. Minneapolis, MN

Great Job, Would Use Again!
Arpin Van Lines Inc. was a referral from my sister in Massachusettes. I felt that they did a great job with the packing, moving, and delivery and the driver was great. I found their staff professional, helpful, and friendly, and their pricing was fair. They were easy to schedule with and I would definitely use them again.
Dick M. Deary , NH

Good Experience!
Everything worked out great with Arpin Van Lines Inc. I had good customer service and got exactly what I wanted! No complaints! They got the job done.
Margie K. Woodmere, NY

A Miracle Service
The team from Arpin Van Lines Inc. had a big job to do and they pulled it off amazingly. The staff moved my stuff from New York to two different states. They were able to complete the move at the same time and everything turned out very well. The team was very nice and down-to-earth. When it came to the move, they were just professional and friendly. In fact, they actually got to both homes early. I never had to wait for them. The pricing for the service was also very good. They did everything perfectly and I have already recommended the company to other people. Honestly, I couldn't ask for better service.
Teresa K. South Lyon, MI

Excellent Experience
I had an excellent experience with Arpin Van Lines Inc. and I would recommend their service to other people. I recently used the company for the first time and they were on time and kept me informed about everything. When they arrived at my home, they took care of the moving service for me and I felt very relieved. I don't think there's anything that the company could improve on. I would use them again for another service.
Jennie B. Hyannis, MA

All went well!
Used Able Moving in Amherst, NH - move to MA - Efficient, courteous, punctual, - pick up and delivery went fine. Would recommend!
Patrick P. Greenville , SC

Exactly As Advertised and a Painless Transaction!
I hired Arpin Van Lines Inc. for a recent move to South Carolina. First let me say I am an engineer and I investigate everything. It is important to me to know who I am dealing with that these people sat down with me and went over every aspect of my move. The estimator who arrived promptly on time absolutely nailed the weight of equipment to be moved. I couldn't believe that he was able to get it down to almost the exact weight! Spot on terrific with that! I also spoke with them about the possibility of contracting bed bugs with used coverings from others moves and they accommodated me by treating the moving equipment and truck 24 hours prior to loading my belongings. The crew arrived early, properly manned and with the right equipment. They loaded everything up in no time. When I got to the move site and witnessed the weighing of the truck the owner happened to be there that day and I was able to speak with them letting them know they did a super job! I tipped the crew because they worked their tails off, were very polite, very professional and everything was kept on schedule! They were awesome, they did everything I ask and were very particular with my belongings! Very pleasant to deal with. I had almost no damage with only one handle being broken on one machine, they offered to replace that handle with no trouble at all. The expense to replace the handle was so minimal that I just let that go. They do exactly as advertised and truly was a painless transaction!
John H. San Francisco, CA

Good Service Overall
Overall, I had a very good experience with Arpin Van Lines Inc. and the staff helped me out to perform a long move. I would say that the move was successful and I'm pretty happy with the service that the company offered. There were a few of my items that were lost. Also, I ended up receiving stuff from other people by mistake. But otherwise, the service went well. This was my first time using the company and I thought that the staff was very professional, friendly, and easy to contact.
Marie N. Eaton, CO

Experience was good.
I already filled out a detailed review that came in the mail a couple months ago. I was very satisfied with everything. Jim and Cindi were very easy to work with and very helpful.
Pam M. Greensboro, NC

I had a wonderful experience with Arpin....the family that drove the van and moved my furniture in were exceptional. They could not have have been nicer or more helpful! I would definitely recommend Arpin for your moving needs!

Robert H. Milwaukee, WI

Careful and Quick!
My work with Arpin Van Lines Inc. went super well. They're an extremely professional company, and did a great job. They were organized and well prepared, and they worked very efficiently. They were careful moving all of my belongings, and I really appreciated their thorough and attentive attitudes. They were easy to work with, and they made it easy to move. Certainly worth recommending!
Al M. Sarasota, FL

A Very Reliable Company!
I've used Arpin Van Lines repeatedly, over the past few years, and every experience has been positive. They're an organized and efficient company and have always treated my belongings with care and consideration. They're easy to work with, and I haven't ever had any problems at all, so I really only have good things to say, and would definitely recommend them to others.
PATI C. Claten , NC

Delivered What Was Promised! Excellent Service!
Right from the beginning when we made our first call for pricing, they were on the ball! They were not the cheapest but gave us the best feeling and delivered on that by far! We were moving to a new state and had sold our home. Our things were in storage and they went to our storage unit without us having to be there. They packed the entire storage unit and drove it across the country to North Carolina, delivering as they said they would! Very Professional!
Tim S. Amhearst, NH

Overall A Good Company
We've been working with Arpin Van Lines for over thirty years. They're sufficiently reliable and reasonably efficient, and I have no outstanding complaints. Their inter-department communication could use some work, but overall they're a fine company and I'd be willing to recommend them to anyone in the area. They provide quality vehicles and great policies. We will continue to do business with them in the near future.
Camelia B. Warwick, RI

Great Service
I had an excellent experience with Arpin Van Lines. The moving service that they offered me went over very well. I thought that the staff was very friendly and and professional. The entire moving process ended smoothly and without any hassle. All of my items were transferred without anything being lost or broken, so I am happy with how everything turned out. I would absolutely recommend them to other people and I would continue to use them in the future if I needed to.
Richard H. Simi Valley, CA

Professional and Communicative!
I was very pleased with Arpin Van Lines Inc.. I used them for the first time, recently, and would definitely recommend them! They were organized and courteous at every level of the process. They were on time, friendly, and communicative. They took care of everything, and were sure to answer any questions. The entire process went smoothly, and the corporate offices were polite and communicative, as well. They did a very nice job, and kept me informed, along the way, before delivery. It was a very satisfying experience!
Charles R. Okemos, MI

Repeat customer with multiple five star moves
I have had four Arpin interstate household moves (1000+ miles each, 8000-9000 lbs) with perfect results. 1) Arpin provides Not-to-Exceed estimates (important for self pay customers such as me). They stand by their maximum estimated cost even if the actual weight exceeds their estimate and they charge the appropriate cost if the weight is less. 2) Arpin lets me do the packing which provides a major cost savings and allows me to do custom crating to my satisfaction for electronics and crushables. They did a great job of wrapping and protecting my bulky items (furniture) and were extremely careful handling my load. Net damage to any item. 3) All the trucks arrived for loading at the origin and unloading at the destination at the planned day/time. 4) All the loading and unloading was performed very efficiently by people that understand the value of time. They also took great care to avoid any soiling or damage to the house. 5) They provided great support from the local office. 6) I have not written a review prior to this, but after four identical results they are clearly in a class by themselves.

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