Supporting Your Success

Continuous Improvements

Arpin provides ongoing training in product knowledge and service skills via the Arpin Moving Academy, Agency Resource Center, and monthly webinars. Our continuous improvement programs include:

  • mandatory background checks are mandatory for all employees, crew members, and drivers.
  • a comprehensive, automated customer service scoring system for all lines of business.
  • service evaluations are shared among and between agents, drivers, and contractors to reinforce best practice.
  • developing benchmarks for agent and driver quality based on claim ratios, customer surveys, financial responsibility, and safety-related issues.
  • providing ongoing feedback to service providers on service quality.
  • monitoring performance and providing recommendations on service-quality improvement.
  • recognizing and rewarding quality service providers.
  • providing ongoing training, support, and recognition for agency sales professionals through the Arpin Sales Association.
  • ongoing development and implementation of technology-based tools.
  • development of innovative sales and marketing tools and services.