Supporting Your Success

Paperless Solution

As a Prime Agent, you’ll have access to the most technologically advanced systems in the moving industry.

Arpin’s PrimeSource state-of-the-art tools provide unlimited use of all applications, allowing for a virtually paperless solution from lead capture through billing and payment.

As an Arpin Van Lines’ prime agent, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • imbedded digital imagery incorporated throughout the system
  • single entry system
  • sales management system
  • driver inventory system
  • warehouse management system
  • on-going support and training
Arpin’s PrimeSource:
  • Eliminates paperwork, maintains an inventory of forms, and saves on shipping costs. It also improves accuracy of all information and speeds up the billing and payment process.
  • Reduces the need for revenue distribution inquiries. Moreover, imbedded digital imagery of inventoried items helps to reduce claims.
  • Opens the door to other business opportunities besides the household goods industry, such as record storage, O&I, displays and exhibits, distribution, and wine storage. In addition, you can also diversify your business mix by servicing museums, libraries, hospitals, colleges, hotels, etc.